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aaroo aaroo etita aaroo motira riina momo takeieta adam samoan from the mainland alicia alicia- close neighbor and good friend alicia-washington art ashley aunty biromona baba kaleo willie morgan baba willie baba willie morgan baba willie morgan kaleo bear brita-alicia's bff from washington butterfly butterfly aaroo butterfly home butterfly mom butterfly momo butterfly momo aaroo butterfly motira butterfly riina chad-misty's hub christina crips cat dad helaman emily etita etita appolonie teera etita ine etita ine teera going home grandma grandma rina helaman helaman momo dad helaman motira hme home independence ine ine etita teera ine-hawaii isaac isaac steve micheal izah izah-phillipines izahs friend-phillipines izu our lead from japan ketia kitty kitty bobure teera kristy one of the prettiest asian gals kuulei-local born-mailes neihgbor-now in maui lana good + close friend of everyone lana local energetic girl...youngest lead lana-local lois lois one of our oldest and funnest leads in ohana lois-phillipines lucy maere maere routi maere taata maile maile my other half maile toaraa maile-hawaii mall me me at 16yrs. old micheal micheal teaa kitty misiona aka missy misty-supervisor-filipino-now local momo momo aaroo riina takeieta motira momo butterfly momo butterfly aaroo momo dad momo helaman momo motira momo routi moses moses helaman moses takeieta motira motira butterfly motira helaman motira helaman isaac momo motira routi motira takeieta helaman naomi from japan--funny girl nini riina riina aaroo riina butterfly riina momo riina routi riina takeieta motira routi routi motira takeieta riina routi aaroo routi aaroo motira routi aaroo taata routi etita motira takeieta routi etita takeieta motira routi maere taata routi motira routi motira takeieta routi riina takeieta routi riina takeieta motira routi taata routi taata maere sara seoung-a from korea enjoys dancing sheree sheree from hong kong sheree from hong kong one of my fave leads sheree-hong kong shota currently on his mission...his last day here steve taata taata maere taatake taatake christina takeieta takeieta aaroo takeieta riina takeieta riina motira routi takeieta riina takeieta takeieta routi motira tamaroa micheal steve ine tata teaa max michael isaac steve teera teera kitty teera kitty bobure thats christian from chile tugso tugso-mongolia vei vei from tonga...sister for life were about 16 yrs. old yuki yuta from japan-one of our favorite workers zani frm phillipines zani-phillipines

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