Hanky panky from Nanny Foss One pound of ground beef, one pound Bob Evens bulk sausage, one small onion chopped, one pound Velveeta cheese cubed. one loaf of party rye or pumpernickel (we like to mix it up with both) one tsp. worcestershire sauce. one tsp. oregano half tsp. garlic powder. Brown beef and sausage, drain, add cheese mix and melt add seasonings mix well. spread on bread and place on cookie sheet, the Foil ones so you can pop in freezer and they are ready when the party starts and throw the foil away so Rose won’t have to wash it. Then I serve some wine in Styrofoam cups and we throw them away also. I better start going green. Broil the breads with hanky panky on them for 5 to 10 minutes and you can freeze ahead and cook when ready.